About us

The Baratha Creations Company has made and installed many prestigious sculptures around the world. We have expanded to stainless steel fabrication, glass work, wooden carving, painting, statures and interior design work with installation.

We use the ‘Italian Lost Wax Method’ in sculpture making and specialized techniques in statue and other artwork forms. In our foundry we regularly make statues, relief artwork, mural artwork and a variety of sculptures such as live animal sculptures made from various materials such as bronze, copper, brass, aluminum, stone and resin.

Our work first began through a number of projects which involved manufacturing and installing wax sculptures in Sri Lanka. Since then, our creative director Baratha Kumara have been expanding, and have been involved in a lot of prestigious projects around the world.



  • All types of sculpts
  • Buddha Statues
  • Animal Statues
  • Head Statues
  • Paintings
  • Set Design
  • Costume Design
  • Lecturing & Consulting Services